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Don't go through this difficult time alone. For Connecticut's best bail bonding service, contact Anthony Bail Bonds today. Regardless of guilt or innocence, nobody enjoys spending even a few hours in jail. Incarceration is not only a humiliating and uncomfortable experience, it can also be dangerous. Call the experts at Anthony Bail Bonds for prompt, professional and personalized service and let us work for you. We are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Day or night!

Why Anthony Bail Bonds has been so successful is our ability to meet the needs of our clients. Its true that many other bail bond companies claim to offer low down payments, payment plans, and free consultations to get you in the door, but once they get you in the door things change all too quickly! Anthony Bail Bonds will do everything they can to make the process go smoothly. To clearly explaining each step in the process and being up front with you on all issues. To providing free bail information and moving quickly to arrange bail and write the bond and Working with you on financial arrangements such as collateral and credit terms. 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Anthony Bail Bonds meets with new clients any time of the day or night to arrange bail for jail release. This may be in the client's home, at the jail, or any other location that works for both bonding agent and client. Our agents are licensed and experienced professionals who understand the tremendous stress and emotional difficulty faced when trying to arrange bail for a friend or loved one.

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How Bail Works

How Bail Works
Usually after someone is arrested, they are taken to a city or county jail for processing, after which point they will set bail according to their offense.
The five most common methods of securing are:

Citation Release: Occurs when a law enforcement officer issues a citation upon your signature, indicating the court, date and time for your appearance.

Own Recognizance (O.R.) : This method involves a pre-trial release program administered by a county or police jail. The arrestee background is taken into consideration along with the offense to determine release without any form of bail.

Cash Bail : This release involves posting the full face amount of the bail in cash to secure the arrestee presence in court at a later date and time.

Property Bond : With a courts acceptance, a lien is recorded on one's property to secure release of an arrestee. Normally the courts will request an appraisal and title search prior to posting.

Surety Bond (Bail Bond) : Most common method used involving a legal contract between an indemnitor (co-signer) and bail agency.

Before you Call

Before contacting us, always have the following information handy:

The defendant's full legal name
The defendant's date of birth and social security number
The agency which is holding the defendant
The defendant's charge
Personal information about the defendant, such as employment, prior arrests, family and community ties, education, and military service

Some important things to remember when contacting us:

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.
The person needing the bond will need a co-signer.
The co-signer is responsible for making sure the defendant shows up for court.

For information regarding the bail bond process, please call us.

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